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Sarpino Mountain Hotel

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Sarikamis , Kars

درباره هتل


Sarpino Mountain Hotel is waiting for you for an unforgettable winter holiday where you can experience the serenity of snow weather! Offering an enjoyable winter holiday on unique ski slopes, the property offers the pleasure of skiing accompanied by professional instructors. For winter sports enthusiasts, you can experience exquisite tastes in the restaurant, where exquisite tastes are served, and you can find the opportunity to relax and unwind in the SPA center and heated indoor swimming pool of the facility. Our facility, which has 114 rooms with a modern and comfortable decoration, is waiting to serve and host you, our valued guests, in Sarıkamış.


With its natural features and infrastructure, it is one of the most important ski facilities in Turkey. There is a computer-equipped chair lift system with a capacity of 2400 people per hour in the ski center, which has the ideal snow type for skiing (crystal snow) and magnificent natural beauty.
Bayrak Tepe, the summit of the Ski Center, is 2,635 meters high. In the ski center with a total track length of 25 kilometers, the facilities consist of 2 stages.
The facilities offer 7 kilometers of descent pleasure among yellow pine forests.
In Sarıkamış Ski Center, transportation is made by two chairlift systems. The chairlift operating in the first stage is 1,500 meters and the length of the second stage is 1,800 meters. The length of the third chairlift system built on the Karadağdere line is 1,610 meters.
17 km. long second stage tracks have an ideal slope for those who have just started skiing.
The surroundings of Sarıkamış are especially suitable for Alpine and Nordic skiing practices, “ski safari” and “sled trips”. slalom, giant slalom, super-c and snowboard ski types can be done.
It has the first and only lift with a line length of 1,850 meters in Turkey, capable of carrying 3 thousand people per hour, and allowing 6 people to sit side by side. The front part of the lift is glazed and you can reach the summit without being affected by wind and weather conditions.


Wireless Internet  /  Lobby  /  Reception Service  /  Children’s play area  /  Restaurant  /  Safety Deposit Box  /  Car park  /  Free Airport Transfer  /   Lobby Bar Paid Doctor Paid Bar Paid Laundry Paid  /  Phone and Fax Service Paid Car Rental Paid


Spa Center  /  Bath  /  Sauna  /  Fitness Center  /  Massage, Scrub and Skin Care  /  Ski Equipment Paid  /  Ski Lesson Paid


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are free for Full Board Plus accommodation. One soft drink is free of charge during meals. Apart from this, all food and drinks taken throughout the facility and minibar are paid.

Service Hours

07.00-10.00 Breakfast
12.00-14.00 Lunch
17.00-18.00 Afternoon Tea, Cookies
19.00-21.00 Dinner


The facility in Sarıkamış is located 53 km from Kars city center and Kars Airport.


Historical Places

Katherina Mansion Ruins 3.34 km.
36 – 53 / 040 31.56 km.
Armenian Train Repair Site Ruins 3.74 km.


Kars Harakani Airport is 49.98 km.
Ağrı Ahmed – İ Hani Airport is 81.87 km.
Sarikamis Bus Terminal 2.83 km.
Asrt Train Station is 13.55 km.
Bus Stop 0.94 km.
Sarıkamış Train Station is 3.53 km.


Hızırilyas Village Spas 38.04 km.
Sarıkamış – Allahuekber Mountains National Park is 0.44 km.
The square is 2.25 km.
Monument 1.89 km.
Gaziler Village Mosque is 25.45 km.
Old Church 43.41 km.

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خشکشویی (با هزینه)
ساحل اختصاصی
سالن ورزشی
سیستم گرمایشی

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