Privacy Policy respects the privacy of users, requests information from users to reserve accommodation or register comments and use some facilities in order to provide safe and reliable services to users. Considering that the product is legal and based on e-commerce laws, information such as phone number is requested from users in order to handle users’ requests more quickly., for the accommodation registration process, requests documents such as national ID from the hosts to verify their identity information according to the website’s rules. considers the personal documents of users confidential, but it is allowed to use the registered information and documents for legal pursuit.

Also, may use some information to communicate with customers, optimize website content and market research, and send email or text messages to website members to inform them of events and news, services or promotions. If users do not want to receive such emails and SMS, they can cancel receiving these newsletters. reviews the reviews and opinions sent by users based on the rules of the website and edits them if necessary. Also, if the comment or message sent by the user is subject to examples of criminal content, can use the recorded information for legal prosecution.

It is the responsibility of the users to maintain and maintain their passwords, so they should be diligent in maintaining and maintaining their passwords to prevent any possible misuse. considers the personal identity of users confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization, unless it is forced by a legal order to provide the personal information of users to competent authorities., like other websites, uses IP collection and cookies, but’s protocol, server and security layers and appropriate data management methods protect user information and prevent illegal access.

If you have any questions, please contact the following information:
Contact phone: (+90)545-268-2730
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