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İceberg Otel Sarıkamis

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Sarikamis , Kars

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General Promotion

Located in Sarıkamış, the ski resort of Kars, İceberg Hotel Sarıkamış; It is 3.5 km away from Sarıkamış center. Facility; It is located in one of the best locations where you can ski. The facility offers free transfer service between hotel-airport-hotel and free skipass for Full Board stays of 3 nights or more. Transfer service is provided subject to availability. Guests who want to benefit from this service must provide their flight information to the agency or hotel after the reservation process.

Ski Pist

The facility is located right next to the 9-stage ski slopes and chair lifts, totaling 21 km. There is direct access from the facility to a total of four chair lifts in the region.

Skipasses included

Eating and Drinking

In Bed and Breakfast accommodation, all meals except breakfast are charged. All drinks consumed throughout the facility are chargeable. In Full Board accommodations, all meals except breakfast, lunch and dinner are paid. All drinks consumed throughout the facility are chargeable.

Service Hours
07.00-10.00 Breakfast
12.30-14.00 Lunch 
19.00-21.30 Dinner

Size Information

The facility has 24 rooms.

Katherina Mansion Ruins 3.53 km.     36 – 53 / 040 31.76 km.     Armenian Train Repair Site Ruins 3.92 km.

Kars Harakani Airport 54.79 km.     Ağrı Ahmed – İ Hani Airport 81.86 km.     Sarıkamış Bus Terminal 2.96 km.     Asrt Train Station 13.76 km.     Bus Stop 0.76 km.     Sarıkamış Train Station 3.69 km.

Hızırilyas Village Thermal Springs 38.24 km.     Sarıkamış – Allahuekber Mountains National Park 0.54 km.     SQUARE 2.41 km.     MONUMENT 2.02 km.     Gaziler Village Mosque 25.6 km.     Old Church 43.21 km.

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