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Grand Park Lara

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Lara-Kundu , Antalya , Turkey

About this hotel

General Promotion

Welcoming its guests in Lara, Grand Park Lara provides service at a distance of 14 km from Antalya Airport and 16 km from the center of Antalya. Offering its own private sandy beach opportunity, the property welcomes its guests in rooms designed with a modern and simple elegance.

While Grand Park Lara offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as open buffet, guests can also try different flavors in the a la carte restaurants where Chinese, BBQ, Fish and Italian cuisines are served.

Eating and Drinking

Open buffet meals in the morning, lunch and evening, some local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are free of charge between 10.00-00.00, within the brands determined by the facility. A la carte restaurant with reservation 24 hours in advance and cover charge. Only water in the minibar is free. Bistro Tulip provides 24-hour free service. A la carte restaurants, with reservation and charge, serve 6 days a week.

Peppermint A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)

Service Hours

07.00-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-12.00 Late Breakfast
11.00-15.30 Pancakes
11.00-16.00 Buffet Restaurant
11.00-16.00 Beach Snack
11.00-18.00 Pool Snack
11.00-23.00 Patisserie
12.00-16.00 Waffles
12.30-14.00 Lunch (with Special Diet, Vegetarian and Kids Buffet)
18.00-21.00 Buffet Restaurant
18.30-21.00 Dinner (with Special Diet, Vegetarian and Kids Buffet)
18.30-21.00 A la Carte Restaurant
24 hours Tulip Bistro Main Meals and Snack (Ice Cream in Packages)

10.00-18.00 Beach Bar
10.00-00.00 Pool Bar
10.00-00.00 Classe Lobby Bar
10.00-00.00 Bistro Tulip Bar
11.00-00.00 Hollyhock Pub
12.30-14.00 Service Bar
18.30-21.00 Service Bar
24 Hours Grande Lobby Bar


It has its own private sandy beach at a distance of 200 m from the facility. The beach is within walking distance. Shuttle service is provided upon request. Sun umbrellas, sun loungers, mattresses and towels are free of charge at the pool and on the beach. Towels are provided with a towel card.


The facility located in Lara; It is located 16 km from the center of Antalya and 14 km from Antalya Airport.


Possibility to upgrade to a higher category room (upon availability)
room decoration
Fruit basket and wine
Breakfast in the room (for the day after check-in)

Note: Couples who will benefit from the honeymoon concept must present their marriage certificate at the entrance.

Eating and drinking

In All Inclusive Accommodations; Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet meals are free. Within the brands determined by the facility, some local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are free between 10.00-24.00. A la carte restaurants with reservation 24 hours in advance and cover charge. Only water in the minibar is free. A la carte restaurants serve 3 days a week.

In bed and breakfast accommodation, food other than breakfast is paid. All drinks taken at the facility are chargeable.

All food and drinks taken at the facility only in Room Accommodation are paid.

Peppermint A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)

Child / Baby

There is a babysitter, mini club and children’s playground for the child guests in the facility.

Spa / Wellness

In the Spa / Wellness section of the facility; There are facilities such as steam room, massage service, Turkish bath and sauna. Turkish bath, sauna, steam room free of charge; Massage and various treatments are paid.


New Year’s Program Details;
31st of December;
16.00 New Year’s Choir
18.00 Special Cocktail Presentation
18.30-21.00 Open Buffet Dinner (Zephyrantes Restaurant)
19.00 New Year’s Band
19.30 Hot Wine Presentation (Lobby Bar)
19.30 Duo Live Music (Classe Lobby)
21.30 DJ Performance (Pub Bar)
22.00 Live Music (Classe Lobby)
22.30-00.00 New Year Party (Restaurant Terrace), (Paid)
00.00-02.00 Night Buffet Soup Service

31 December Children’s Program Daphne Hall
20.00 Mini Disco
20.30 Magician Show
21.15 New Year’s Cake
21.30 Children’s Show
22.15 Mini Cinema
23.45 Closing

1 January
07.00-10.00 Morning Breakfast
10.00-11.00 Late Breakfast
11.00-14.00 Brunch and Lunch
21.00 Winter Party

Size Information

The facility, built on an area of 35,000 m², has 896 rooms.

Hotel Facilities

Air Conditioning
Fitness Center
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Smoking Room

Hotel Consept



Check In 02:00 pm
Check Out 12:00 pm
Hotel Policies

General Warnings

Wireless Internet; It provides free service in the lobby, public areas and rooms. Check-in time for Grand Park Lara rooms starts from 14.00. Check-out time from the rooms is 12:00 at the latest. The use of open areas serving at the facility depends on seasonal conditions. All Inclusive accommodation provided at the facility starts with lunch, includes dinner for the number of nights stayed, and ends with breakfast on the day of departure. In case the room to be accommodated is special type rooms such as family room, suite room (and so on), no refund will be made if any of the guests leaving the hotel early. The right to change the operating hours and services is reserved by the hotel management. . Outdoor areas are prepared depending on the weather conditions. In the pandemic process that negatively affects the world, the management of our hotels, both legal regulations and changes and cancellations in terms of location and working hours for some of our services due to health reasons can apply. The location, maps and distance of the hotel to public areas are to provide as much information as possible. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of this information. It is the passenger's own responsibility to contact the hotel directly to obtain the most up-to-date full location information and directions. The person making the reservation is obliged to enter the names of all persons who will be staying at the hotel correctly. It is the person's responsibility to ensure that the correct e-mail address and mobile phone number for transfers are entered when making your reservation. The services offered by the facilities within the concept and the use of some service areas may be limited or closed during the stay according to the circulars and legal regulations within the scope of Covid-19. Some services may not be available partially or completely. All guests who make a reservation; The facility has to comply with all the measures taken by the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, local institutions/authorities regarding Covid-19, and provide all the information requested from them within the scope of these measures. Some services to be offered to guests who do not comply with the measures may be terminated. The facility or WETRAGO is not responsible for the negative situations that may occur if the guests do not comply with the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19. Within the scope of the Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant public institutions in order to protect the health of the guests; The facility may not accept customers who are diagnosed - contacted or who do not provide the requested information, take them to the isolation room, ask them to leave the facility or take other actions deemed necessary within the scope of the regulations of the relevant public institutions.

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19 Health and Hygiene Measures Taken for Employees There is an occupational health and safety committee established at the facilities so that the employees of the facility can work with high motivation in a healthy and safe workplace environment. In its work, the Board carries out the control and follow-up of the measures taken. All employees undergo a health screening and are followed up by the workplace doctor. All employees have been trained and certified in hygiene. All employees have been trained and conscious about the prevention of epidemic diseases and prevention of their spread. The areas used by the employees are arranged according to the social distance rules. There are materials and hand antiseptics required for personal hygiene in the personnel areas. The change of personnel uniforms is done on a daily basis. Uniforms are washed and ironed above 60 degrees. Service vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. The service vehicles operate at 50% capacity and the use of the service without a mask is not allowed. The temperature of all employees is measured at the beginning of their employment. Employees with high fever are not allowed to work. All employees work with masks primarily to protect the health of the guests and their own health. Precautions and Disinfection Procedures in General Areas In all general areas of the facilities, T.C. Disinfection processes are carried out with antiviral and antibacterial products approved by the Ministry of Health, licensed for biocidal products. Disinfection processes are carried out by expert teams. The ventilation systems and air conditioners in all closed areas in the facilities are frequently cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning and disinfection processes of toilets and sinks in public areas have been tightened. There are antibacterial soaps and hand antiseptics in public areas, toilets and sinks. Seating groups in all public areas are arranged according to social distance rules. The inside of the elevators and especially the call buttons are frequently disinfected and the ventilation system is cleaned regularly. Precautions Taken for Transfer Service Vehicles that transfer guests are cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. The rule of using masks is applied in the transfer vehicle and there are hand antiseptics in the vehicles. Precautions Taken During Hotel Check-in Procedures In order to reduce contact and maintain social distance in Room Check-in processes; All guests' temperatures will be measured at the entrances, and in case of a negative situation, this situation will be shared only with them in accordance with the KVKK laws, and necessary actions will be taken as written in the action plans of the facility. There are automatic disinfection devices in the luggage rooms and your luggage is disinfected and taken to the luggage trolleys. Luggage trolleys are cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. The room door card is specially disinfected. Measures Taken for Rooms In order to be able to stay safely in rooms that have been specially prepared for guests and cleaned and disinfected; The rooms are located in T.C., which has high protection at periodic times. It is disinfected with antiviral and antibacterial special disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health. The rooms of the guests leaving the facility are meticulously cleaned and disinfected. The housekeepers who perform the cleaning of the rooms carry out their operations with separate masks and gloves for each room. Disposable disposable cloths are used in room cleaning. Effective alcohol-based disinfectants and chlorine-based disinfectants are used in room cleaning. Housekeepers do not perform operations such as shaking or whisking while changing sheets and bedding. All textile products used in the rooms are disinfected by washing at 60-90 degrees and ironing with a steam iron. The amenities prepared for the daily use of the guests are disinfected before they are put in their places. After the housekeepers have finished their cleaning according to the instructions, the ozone disinfection process is applied in the room and the room is made ready for the use of our guests. All cleaning and disinfection processes in the rooms are controlled by trained floor supervisors. Precautions Taken in Restaurants and Bars Room occupancy rates in the facilities will be limited to maintain social distance. For this reason, restaurants and bars are arranged in a more convenient and comfortable way. Hand antiseptic equipment is available in all restaurants and bars at easy access points for guests. In restaurants and bars, entrances and exits will be made through separate doors and directions are available. Tea and coffee machines in common use will not be used during this process and will be served to your tables by the staff. Social distancing markers are available in buffets and bars. Table and chair armrests are cleaned and disinfected during guest changes in all restaurants and bars, and then they are made ready for the use of other guests. In all food and beverage areas, ISO 22000: 2015 Food Safety Management Standards are fully implemented and personnel are constantly trained in this regard. Precautions Taken in SPA and Bath Areas Guests can benefit from SPA and hammam services by making an appointment. Usage capacities in sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms are limited according to hygienic conditions. General spaces such as dressing rooms, showers and WCs are periodically disinfected with antiviral and antibacterial biocidal products, and they are offered to guests with frequent cleaning and disinfection processes throughout the day. Precautions Taken at the Fitness Center All individual exercise devices in the fitness room are arranged according to social distance rules. Each exercise device is disinfected before use and offered to other guests. All areas and equipment used in the fitness center are disinfected every morning before opening, at noon when it is closed, and at night after closing, and air and surface disinfection are carried out. In the fitness room, hand sanitizer is placed at easy access points for the guests. Measures Taken in Mini Club and Animation Areas At the facility, Ali's Mini Club will be at your service for the little guests to have a nice holiday with outdoor activities and our activities will be held in large areas in accordance with the social distance rules. As in all general areas, disinfection processes with antiviral and antibacterial products are repeated frequently in the children's playground. The mini club team consists of experts who have completed their hygiene training. Within the scope of additional measures, the closed area of ​​the mini club will not be able to serve in this process, and no children will be accepted as entrusted to Ali's Mini Club. An activity plan consisting of good programs has been prepared by the animation team so that the guests can have a pleasant holiday. Precautions taken at Pools and Beach Pools In accordance with the directives and regulations of the Ministry of Health, chlorine, PH and temperature balances are checked and microbiological and chemical analyzes and hygiene conditions are followed at frequent intervals. Technical service personnel who have been trained on this subject continue their work meticulously. The sun loungers by the pool and on the beach are arranged according to the social distance rules, and cleaning and disinfection is carried out by the staff during guest exchanges. Group activities in the pools and on the beach are carried out by following the social distance rules. General information The quality of nutrition is an indisputable fact for the immune system to be strong. In order to protect the health of the guests, healthy menus consisting of the unique tastes of the Mediterranean and Aegean are prepared. All of the materials offered or produced to the guests are obtained from secure suppliers. Suppliers are frequently audited by the facility's quality team. It goes through the control of the food engineer during the production and presentation phase. Medical personnel are on duty for emergencies 24 hours a day at the facilities. It is possible for the guests to receive comprehensive health services in the contracted hospitals located in the cities and locations where the facilities are located.
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