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Dedeman Istanbul

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Beşiktaş , İstanbul , Tyrkey

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General Promotion

Located at a point that can be considered as the heart of the city in Istanbul, Dedeman Istanbul provides service in Beşiktaş. It offers a pleasant stay with its 325 rooms that combine quality and comfort and 16 meeting rooms with high technology. Offering an ideal alternative for business and tourism-oriented trips, the property is located at the center of the business world. The property provides an advantage to its guests with its close location to major shopping centers. No outside food or drink should be brought into the hotel. The facility has a paid parking service. A deposit can be taken for possible guest extras at check-in. Between 9 and 19 July, pool maintenance will be done at our Leciel Spa Health Club. Our facility cannot provide service for the relevant department during this period.

Hotel Facilities

Air Conditioning
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Smoking Room
Washer & Dryer

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Check In 02:00 pm
Check Out 12:00 pm
Hotel Policies

General Warnings

The location, maps and distance of the hotel to public areas are to provide as much information as possible. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of this information. It is the passenger's own responsibility to contact the hotel directly to obtain the most up-to-date full location information and directions. The person making the reservation is obliged to enter the names of all persons who will be staying at the hotel correctly. It is the person's responsibility to ensure that the correct e-mail address and mobile phone number for transfers are entered when making your reservation. The services offered by the facilities within the concept and the use of some service areas may be limited or closed during the stay according to the circulars and legal regulations within the scope of Covid-19. Some services may not be available partially or completely. All guests who make a reservation; The facility must comply with all the measures taken by the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, local institutions/authorities, regarding Covid-19, and provide all the information requested from them within the scope of these measures. Some services to be offered to guests who do not comply with the measures may be terminated. The facility or is not responsible for negative situations that may occur if the guests do not comply with the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant public institutions in order to protect the health of the guests; The facility may not accept customers who are diagnosed - contacted or who do not provide the requested information, take them to the isolation room, ask them to leave the facility or take other actions deemed necessary within the scope of the regulations of the relevant public institutions.

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19

Measures Taken for Employees; • All facility employees are given detailed training on the rules to be followed regarding the covid-19 pandemic, and regular inspections are carried out. • Before starting their duties, fever measurements are made for all employees, and it is ensured that they do not return to work in case of any signs of illness. • The cleaning of the uniforms is carried out at a temperature of 60 degrees and above, and they are changed frequently. • Working areas have been rearranged to ensure social distance rules. • For the health of guests and employees, it has been made mandatory for all team employees to use masks while on duty. Measures Taken in General Areas; • Diversey periodically provides detailed trainings to employees, ensuring that employees receive certificates. • Cleaning operations are carried out with materials and equipment in accordance with the regulations for each area. • Great attention is paid to the cleaning of surfaces that are constantly touched in public areas and toilets; Special disinfection products are used after cleaning with water and detergent. • In all general areas, central points were determined and hand disinfection units with sensors were added. Precautions Taken During Entry and Exit Procedures; • Temperature measurements are made by authorized personnel during the check-in of all guests. • While the vehicles of the guests are received by the employees in the selected hotels, the hygiene equipments are parked by the staff after applying them to the vehicles. • Directions to ensure appropriate social distance have been placed in necessary areas in order to prevent congestion at the entrance and exit times of the facilities. Measures Taken for Rooms; • Housekeeping staff and managers working in room cleaning work with masks and disposable gloves. • After cleaning each room and before proceeding to the cleaning of the other room; by providing hand hygiene, washing and disinfectant; new masks, gloves and cleaning cloths are used. • Rooms are ventilated after each guest use and are kept empty for 24 hours until the next accommodation. • After routine cleaning, rooms are disinfected by ozonation or fogging. • All textile products and towels used are washed at 60 degrees and above for sufficient time. Disposable products are available at selected hotels for the guests who want them. Measures Taken for Restaurants and Bars; • In all restaurants and bars of the facility, the guest seating areas have been rearranged to maintain social distance. • Hygiene standards determined by the Ministry of Health are applied in food and beverage units. Hand sanitizers are available in all food and beverage areas so that guests can easily access them. Measures Taken in SPA and Fitness Areas; • Areas such as SPA, Turkish bath, steam room; It will serve with an appointment and low usage capacity. • The places of sports equipment and equipment in the fitness areas have been rearranged according to the necessary social distance rules. • Pools are disinfected with appropriate amount of chemicals and monitored.
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