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Kirman Belazur Resort & Spa

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Belek , Antalya , Turkey

About this hotel

Eating and Drinking

Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet meals are free. Local alcoholic, non-alcoholic and some foreign drinks within the brands determined by the facility are free of charge for 24 hours. A la carte restaurants with reservation and free once during the stay. Freshly squeezed fruit juice buffet (during breakfast) is free. Minibar is filled daily with beer, water, soft drinks, chocolate and chips.

All buffets have breakfast, lunch and dinner options suitable for vegan guests.
There is a gluten-free buffet and special buffets for diabetics in the facility. In case of consultation with the guest relations of the facility, assistance is provided in the preparation of special foods suitable for the needs of the guests.

Lavanda A la Carte Turka A la Carte Fish Restaurant A la Carte Cactus Restaurant A la Carte Restaurant

Service Hours

07.00-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-10.30 Late Breakfast
10.30-14.30 Sunday Brunch (Sundays only)
10.30-18.30 Cake Time
12.00-15.30 Pancakes/Wafles/Kumpir
12.30-14.30 Lunch (Main Restaurant)
12.00-16.00 Snack Restaurant Lunch
16.00-18.00 Fast Food Late Lunch
18.30-21.00 Dinner
18.30-21.00 Children’s Dinner and Baby Corner
21.00-02.00 Night Dinner
02.00-07.00 Night Breakfast
24 hours Room Service (paid)
09.00-24.00 Deep Bar
09.00-18.00 Sailor Beach bar
10.00-18.00 Aqua Bar
10.00-24.00 Theater Snack Bar
23.00-02.00 Majo Disco Bar (3 per week)
24 Hour Clark Gable Bar
Restaurant Service Bar at Meal Hours


Located in Boğazkent, the facility is 40 km from Side center, 40 km from Antalya Airport and 45 km from Antalya city center.

Other Facilities

Welcome cocktail for adult guests at the entrance and special beverage for child guests
Fast and comfortable entry
Special snack presentations
Valet service, bellboy service and free parking
Large areas suitable for disabled guests, table reservation opportunity and table service in the restaurant
Kerman Signature
Kırman Signature All Day All Inclusive;
Food and beverages are served to our guests at designated points of our hotel for 24 hours.
Kırman Signature New Age Stay;
Internet connection is provided to the guests during check-in, and fast online c/in service is provided, or if requested, online c/in service is provided before they come to the hotel. In addition, guests can submit their requests and suggestions online with our Hotel Information, Qr codes in the facility.
Kırman Signature Snacks On The Skate;
Seasonal fruits, packaged ice cream, hot bagels, boiled corn and canned beverages are served to guests at the designated times on the beach and pier.
Kırman Signature Personal Assistant;
Our guests can report their requests and suggestions to their assigned assistants via WhatsApp during check-in.
Kırman Signature Health Sport Club;
Our guests, to stay fit during their stay, Yoga, Morning Run, Theraband Exercise, Morning Gym, Facia Exercise with Black Roll, Aqua Gym, Trx, Funcional Training, Tabata, Legs, Bums and Tums, Zumba, Step Aerobics, AutoGenic Training, Stretching, They can benefit from our Fitness Briefing activities.
Kırman Signature Wake Up Call;
Our guests, who receive a wake-up call, start the day with hot coffee and fresh croissants served in their rooms.
Kırman Signature Exclusive Honeymoon;
Room decorations, special bed linen, fruit basket and wine are offered to our honeymoon couples on the check-in day. A la carte reservation, hearty cake and breakfast are served to the room for the day requested by our honeymoon couples. Room is upgraded to a higher room upon availability.
Kirman Signature Baby Star;
Our little guests will be given a toy bag at the entrance of the hotel. Our families who will come with their babies can benefit from the Kirman Baby Star package free of charge, upon request. (Baby lap, changing sponge, baby tub, potty/baby toilet seat, baby shampoo, baby washcloth, baby bib, baby body lotion, bottle warmer and wet wipes.) In addition, Aptamil 1&2, Bebelac, Bebelac banana pudding, They can supply our Gold Rice Pudding, Gold Apple & Pear Puree, Gold supplementary food, banana milk and strawberry milk products free of charge.
Kırman Signature Kids Chef;
For our little guests aged 0-4, food prepared by special personnel under the control of food engineers is served between 08.00 and 21.00, in line with their parents’ requests.
Kırman Signature Fun Club:
Our guests between the ages of 13 and 16 can use the billiards, Playstation, Xbox, table football and computer game room free of charge between 12:00 and 22:00. Reservations may be required for activities.
Children under the age of 12 must be under parental supervision.


Room decoration, special bedding set and decor on the arrival day.
Complimentary fruit basket and wine.
One day free breakfast and heart cake service to the room upon the request of the guest.
Free dinner at the A La Carte restaurant (with prior reservation)
In case of availability, the room is upgraded to a higher room.

Spa / Wellness

In the SPA and wellness section of the facility, there are facilities such as sauna, Turkish bath and massage services.

Size Information

The facility, which is 40,000 m² in size, has 552 rooms.

Hotel Facilities

Air Conditioning
Airport Transport
Fitness Center
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Smoking Room
Spa & Sauna
Washer & Dryer

Hotel Consept



Check In 02:00 pm
Check Out 12:00 pm
Hotel Policies

General Warnings

Access to Kirman Bellazur Resort & Spa rooms starts at 14.00. Check-out time from the rooms is 12:00 at the latest. Pets are not accepted at the property. The use of open spaces in the facility depends on seasonal conditions. There is an armband application in the facility. There is a dress code in restaurants. 2+2 or 3+1 stays in rooms other than family rooms or some private rooms may create congestion in the room and the extra beds provided may not be as comfortable as a fixed bed. Ultra All Inclusive accommodation provided at the property starts with dinner, includes dinner for the number of nights stayed, and ends with lunch on the day of departure. If the room to be accommodated is a special type of room such as a family room or a suite room, no refund will be made if any of the guests leaving the hotel early. The location, maps and distance of the hotel to public areas are to provide as much information as possible. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of this information. It is the passenger's own responsibility to contact the hotel directly to obtain the most up-to-date full location information and directions. The person making the reservation is obliged to enter the names of all persons who will be staying at the hotel correctly. It is the person's responsibility to ensure that the correct e-mail address and mobile phone number for transfers are entered when making your reservation. The services offered by the facilities within the concept and the use of some service areas may be limited or closed during the stay according to the circulars and legal regulations within the scope of Covid-19. Some services may not be available partially or completely. All guests who make a reservation; The facility has to comply with all the measures taken by the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, local institutions/authorities regarding Covid-19, and provide all the information requested from them within the scope of these measures. Some services to be offered to guests who do not comply with the measures may be terminated. The facility or Turlider is not responsible for the negative situations that may occur if the guests do not comply with the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant public institutions in order to protect the health of the guests; The facility may not accept customers who are diagnosed - contacted or who do not provide the requested information, take them to the isolation room, ask them to leave the facility or take other actions deemed necessary within the scope of the regulations of the relevant public institutions.

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19 EMPLOYEES • Trainings on Covid-19 protection methods and transmission conditions have been given to all personnel since the first day and are repeated regularly. • Transfer vehicles used on arrival and departure are disinfected before and after each service. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask inside the vehicles and physical distance is maintained by using 50% of the capacity of the transfer vehicles. • When employees come to work, they undergo health screening and fever measurements are made. Information was given to prevent the employees who do not feel well from coming to work. • There are informative posters and brochures in the staff common areas and safe physical distance rule is applied in these areas. • Uniforms are changed frequently and their hygiene is ensured. • All personnel areas have been rearranged according to the social distance rule and sufficient number of disinfection units have been placed. Maximum 2 people stay in the same room in the lodgings. The physical structure and service style in the personnel cafeterias were rearranged. Disposable service materials are included. • All personnel use masks or visors and gloves while working. FRONT OFFICE • All entry and exit procedures have been rearranged in accordance with social distance rules, and safe waiting areas have been created. Distance markings are placed. • After being disinfected, the luggage and belongings of the guests are sent to the rooms. • A system has been created specifically for guests to perform Online Check-in on their own phones when they arrive at the facilities. Thus, they will be able to check in quickly and safely while sipping their welcome drink in the lobby. • The vehicles of the guests who request valet service are boarded with disposable clothes/mask and gloves, and in this case, the vehicle key is disinfected. • Guests are welcomed with thermal camera or non-contact temperature measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand disinfection facilities at the entrance. Upon request, guests are provided with personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. • All guests are informed about the practices and precautions at the entrance to the facility. • Room door cards are prepared by disinfecting before entering. Items that need to be used to fill out the required documents are given to the guests in a packaged form. • Room cards of guests leaving the hotel are kept in different boxes and disinfected. • The number of contactless pos devices in hotels has been increased. • Guests can access all information about the hotel via the mobile application and submit their requests. • In addition, guests can get all information about the facility and make a la carte reservations from Kirman Applition. ROOMS • Staff working in room cleaning use masks, gloves and shoe covers. When moving to the cleaning of another room, these materials are replaced and new ones are provided. The same conditions apply to all personnel entering the rooms. • Disposable disposable cleaning papers and cloths are used in the cleaning of guest rooms. • Effective disinfectants that are not harmful to health are used in room cleaning. Surfaces such as door handles, batteries, remote controls, telephones, and light switches are disinfected after each stay. • All paper/cardboard/cumen/leather materials have been removed, except for the bedspreads and decorative pillows in the rooms, and those that are legally required. • Hand sanitizer and packaged wipes with disinfectant are available in the guest rooms. Masks are sent to the rooms upon request. • After all textile materials are washed at high temperatures and for sufficient time, they are packed in bags and come to the hotels. • After the guests staying in a room check out, all the amenities are replaced and new ones are placed. • The detailed disinfection of the air conditioner vents and blower covers in the rooms has been updated every week. • Rooms are ventilated during cleaning and after guests check out. • Rooms are fogged with ULV (chlorine dioxide) after each guest exit. GENERAL AREAS • General usage areas have been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule, necessary precautions have been taken, markings have been made and information letters have been hung. • Extra disinfection processes are carried out for frequently touched surfaces. • All ventilation systems are disinfected frequently and fresh air is used as much as possible to ventilate indoor spaces. • Elevator landmarks and information regarding the use of elevators in accordance with social distance rules are made. • There are hand disinfection apparatuses or disinfectant wipes in all our common areas and WCs. • The lobby area is frequently disinfected with chlorine dioxide, the indoor parts of the general areas are disinfected with ULV, and the fabric seats are disinfected with a steam machine. • General area hand dryers and hair dryers are out of use. • Social distancing rules have been defined in stores and information has been placed in order to comply. ULV disinfection is carried out every day after closing or before opening. KITCHEN AREAS • Kirman Hotels' elite food safety is certified by FSSC. The highest hygiene and quality standards are applied in hotels for food production areas. • Cleaning and hygiene of kitchen areas, all kinds of equipment used in the kitchen, countertops and storage areas are done frequently. • Sterilization devices, necessary tools and equipment for hand and body hygiene are available in the kitchen areas. • Our kitchen staff work with protective masks, bonnets and gloves. Detailed trainings are provided on the rules to be followed. • Dirty equipment is only washed in the dishwasher. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE AREAS • By removing the classic menus in bars and restaurants; QR code, Kirman App. Opportunities such as looking at the menu over the TV and seeing the menus on wall-hung TVs began to be used. • Hand disinfection apparatuses are available at the entrance of the restaurant and at the bars. • All service personnel serve with masks. • Tables in main restaurants are set according to social distance. In addition, if you specifically request the guests, table reservations can be made from the main restaurant every evening free of charge. Our guests can reserve a table by contacting the Guestrelations team when they arrive at the facility. • Stools in front of the bars have been removed in order to maintain social distance. Markings reminding social distance have been applied to every point where there may be a wait in bars and restaurants. • Table and chair arrangements in bars and restaurants are arranged according to social distance. • Cutlery is served in disposable packages. • Vehicles such as self-service tea and beverage machines in the food and beverage sections have been removed or service is provided by the personnel. • Barriers to prevent contact with food in the open buffet are designed and service is provided by the kitchen staff. In order to reduce the density in open buffet restaurants, some a la carte restaurants have also started to serve. • Dirty items in all food and beverage units are only washed with dishwashers. • Tables/stools/bistros/chairs in food and beverage areas are disinfected after each use. Disposable materials are used in cleaning processes. Fabric seats are disinfected with steam. • Service personnel carrying clean and dirty materials are organized as different persons. • All mixers and pipettes are served in bags. • Table linens and runners are changed with each new guest and cloth napkins are not used. • All foods are stored indoors or covered. POOL, BEACH AND ENTERTAINMENT AREAS • Pool cleaning is done in accordance with hygienic and legal conditions as always. • All sun loungers have been placed at intervals suitable for social distance. • All pool and beach towels are given to guests in bags or only by the staff. In addition, bags will be left in the rooms every day. • The entertainment activities have been redesigned in a way that will not create crowds and density, and the usage areas have been organized according to the social distance rule. • Open areas are preferred for recreational activities. • The maximum number of users in the pools will be calculated according to the social distance rule and notified to the lifeguards. • Reservation will be made according to the room number for the sun loungers in the facility. When the guests arrive at the facility, they can contact the Guestrelations team and make the reservation process. Thus, the sunbeds will only belong to the guest during your holiday. SPA AND FITNESS • Usage capacities in sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms are limited according to hygienic conditions and social distance practices. Hand sanitizer is available in designated areas. • Disposable disposable cleaning cloths and materials are used. • The bedspread and decorative materials, if any, in the massage rooms have been removed. • The therapist uses a mask during the massage. • Disposable materials are used in beverage offerings. • Bouquet materials are for single use only. • Antiseptic or high alcohol content wet wipes are used. • SPA lobby area is disinfected with chlorine dioxide at the determined frequency. Fabric sections are cleaned with a steam machine. • Rooms are fogged with ULV after each massage. • Areas with excessive contact in massage rooms are disinfected intensively. Massage beds and especially the head section are disinfected after each use. • Fitness areas started to work with a reservation system. Guests can use it according to the capacity by making a reservation. • All sports equipment, machinery and equipment in the fitness centers have been rearranged at appropriate distances, and disinfection processes are carried out after each use. Hand sanitizer is available in designated areas. • The number of people who will use the fitness centers at the same time is limited and disposable soap, shower gel and shampoo are used. WAREHOUSE AND BACK AREAS • Kirman Hotels inspect food suppliers in accordance with FSSC certificate standards. • Food materials are purchased from suppliers selected by inspection and are accepted to the facilities after all necessary control and disinfection processes. • Storage and storage conditions and production methods in the facilities are carried out in extremely hygienic environments. • By measuring the temperature of the company officers who bring products to the hotel; new masks, gloves, shoe covers and bonnets are provided. • After unloading each vehicle, the hotel attendant moves to the next vehicle by washing his hands and changing his gloves. • Frequent controls of the warehouses are provided according to the relevant hygiene list. QUALITY APPLICATIONS • The Pandemic Security Team of Kirman Hotels was formed. • Manufacturers are inspected especially against the possibility of cross contamination. • It is ensured that supplier companies work in accordance with the determined rules in the reception areas. • It is ensured that the stores in the hotel work according to the determined rules. • According to the disinfection points follow-up chart, ATP measurements are made for the cleaning, disinfection frequency and effectiveness of the guest contact areas. • The risk, analysis, training and distribution created in terms of occupational health and safety related to the pandemic was ensured. • Informative personnel trainings are held at Kirman Hotels. • Frequent notifications are made about the measures that need to be updated or added.
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