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Ic Hotels Santai Family Resort

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Belek , Antalya , Turkey

About this hotel

General Promotion

IC Hotels Santai Family Resort offers “Ultra All Inclusive and VIP service” in Belek. The property, which has a large area, promises a longed and different holiday to its guests with its specially designed landscaping, walking paths decorated with palm trees, a thousand and one plant species with the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, swimming pools that serve all kinds of expectations.

Eating and Drinking

Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet meals are free. Some local and foreign alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within the brands determined by the facility are free of charge for 24 hours in the lobby bar. A la carte restaurants, with reservation and charge, serve 6 days a week. Coverage fee is charged per person. A 50% discount is applied to children aged 7-11.99 in a la carte restaurants.

Vitamin Bar (fresh fruit juices) 08.30-18.30, Club House (local-foreign alcoholic drinks, cocktails, hot-cold drinks) 09.00-23.30, Pool Bar (local-foreign alcoholic drinks, cocktails, hot-cold drinks) 09.30-00.00 , Sunset Beach Bar (beer, wine and soft drinks) is open between 10.30-17.00, Pocoloco Disco Bar (local and imported alcoholic beverages, cocktails, cold drinks) is open between 23.30-02.00 and IC Cafe is open between 10.00-20.00.

Alcoholic beverages are not served to guests under the age of 18. The minibar is served once a day between 10:00 and 16:00 (different set-ups are prepared for different room types).

In the main restaurant of the facility, a diet buffet is served during breakfast, late breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegan and gluten-free meals for adult and child guests can be ordered free of charge by contacting guest relations.

Ja La Peno A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)
Umami Sushi & Asian Cuisine A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)
Olivo Ristorante A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)
Del Mar Fish A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)
sea products

Grill Turkish A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)

Service Hours

07.00-10.00 Breakfast (Main Restaurant)
07.00-10.00 Breakfast, Kids Buffet (Main Restaurant)
08.30-18.30 Fresh Fruit Juices (Vitamin Bar)
09.00-12.00 Breakfast, Club House (Special for Villa Guests)
10.00-11.00 Late Breakfast (Main Restaurant)
10.00-20.00 Ice Cream Box
11.00-12.00 Poolside Treats (Pools)
11.30-18.30 Mini Patisserie (Sunset Snack Bar)
12.00-16.00 Doner
12.00-16.00 Pizza, Pita, Pancake, Hamburger, Pasta, Salad
12.00-19.00 Snacks, Club House (Special for Villa Guests)
12.00-14.30 Lunch, Kids Buffet (Main Restaurant)
12.30-14.30 Lunch (Main Restaurant)
14.00-16.00 Kumpir (Sunset Snack Bar)
14.30-16.00 Hot Dog (Sunset Snack Bar)
14.30-16.00 Fried Chicken (Sunset Snack Bar)
15.30-17.00 Waffles (Sunset Snack Bar)
16.00-17.00 Poolside Refreshments (Pools)
17.00-18.00 Evening Ring (Pool Bar)
18.30-21.30 Dinner, Kids Buffet (Main Restaurant)
19.00-21.30 Dinner (Main Restaurant)
19.00-21.30 A la Carte Restaurants
19.00-23.00 Snacks, Club House (Special for Villa Guests)
23.30-01.00 Night Dinner, Mini Buffet (Main Restaurant)
03.00-07.00 Night Dinner, Express Buffet (Lobby)
Lobby Bar Open 24 Hours


The facility, which is located at the seaside, has a 300 m long sandy beach. At the beach and by the pool; Sunbeds, umbrellas and towels are free of charge.


The facility in Üçkum Tepesi; It is located 10 km from Belek center, 25 km from Antalya Airport and 30 km from Antalya city center.

Other Facilities

The luggage collection service is paid, and video games are free of charge.

VIP CONCEPT (Senior Suite)​

Transfer from the airport by VIP vehicle
Reception welcome with sparkling wine, fruit and special treats
Providing facility information and escorting the room
Daily rich minibar (imported alcoholic drinks 5 cl)
Sparkling wine, deluxe fruit basket, snack plate, chocolates
Flowers in the room and bathroom
Daily beach towels, bathrobes, room slippers
Imported toiletries
Turn-down service
Laundry and ironing service 50% off
Dry cleaning fee
free newspaper
Olivo Italian A la Carte Restaurant breakfast service
24 hour room service
VIP CONCEPT (King Suite-Selection Villa-King Villa)

Transfer from the airport by VIP vehicle
Reception welcome with sparkling wine, fruit and special treats
Providing facility information and escorting the room
Daily rich minibar (Imported alcoholic drinks 70 cl)
Sparkling wine, deluxe fruit basket, snack plate, chocolates
Flowers in the room and bathroom
Daily beach towels, bathrobes, room slippers
Imported toiletries
Turn-down service
Free laundry and ironing service
Dry cleaning 50% off
DVD player
free newspaper
Olivo Italian A La Carte Restaurant breakfast service
24 hour room service

Reception with sparkling wine and Turkish delight in the lobby between 09:00 and 21:00


Breakfast in the room on a desired day
Fruit basket and sparkling wine in the room
special room decoration
Dinner at a desired a la carte restaurant
a souvenir photo
Special discount in SPA section

Size Information

Established on an area of 94,240 m², the facility has 508 rooms.

Hotel Facilities

Air Conditioning
Airport Transport
Fitness Center
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Smoking Room
Spa & Sauna
Washer & Dryer

Hotel Consept



Check In 02:00 pm
Check Out 12:00 pm
Hotel Policies

General Warnings

Star and Sun Swim Up Villas are located on the ground or 1st floor. Animation activities, service places and hours of food and beverage units can be changed by the hotel management. Couples who want to take advantage of the honeymoon package must show their marriage certificate at check-in for their stays within one month from the date of marriage. Check-in to IC Hotels Santai Family Resort rooms starts at 14.00. Check-out time from the rooms is 12:00 at the latest. Pets are not accepted at the property. The use of open spaces in the facility depends on seasonal conditions. 2+2 or 3+1 stays in rooms other than family rooms or some private rooms may create congestion in the room and the extra beds provided may not be as comfortable as a fixed bed. Ultra All Inclusive accommodation at the facilities starts with dinner, includes dinner for the number of nights stayed, and ends with lunch on the day of departure. If the room to be accommodated is a special type of room such as a family room or a suite room, no refund will be made if any of the guests leaving the hotel early. The location, maps and distance of the hotel to public areas are to provide as much information as possible. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of this information. It is the passenger's own responsibility to contact the hotel directly to obtain the most up-to-date full location information and directions. The person making the reservation is obliged to enter the names of all persons who will be staying at the hotel correctly. It is the person's responsibility to ensure that the correct e-mail address and mobile phone number for transfers are entered when making your reservation. The services offered by the facilities within the concept and the use of some service areas may be limited or closed during the stay according to the circulars and legal regulations within the scope of Covid-19. Some services may not be available partially or completely. All guests who make a reservation; The facility has to comply with all the measures taken by the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, local institutions/authorities regarding Covid-19, and provide all the information requested from them within the scope of these measures. Some services to be offered to guests who do not comply with the measures may be terminated. The facility or Turlider is not responsible for negative situations that may occur if the guests do not comply with the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant public institutions in order to protect the health of the guests; The facility may not accept customers who are diagnosed - contacted or who do not provide the requested information, take them to the isolation room, ask them to leave the facility or take other actions deemed necessary within the scope of the regulations of the relevant public institutions.

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19 General Health Measures Taken at the Facility There is a healthcare worker at the facility 24 hours a day. In case of any health problems, guests are asked to contact the guest relations team. It is recommended to wear masks in closed common areas. Guest relations or reception staff will assist the guests who do not have a mask. During the stay; No visitors from outside the hotel will be accepted. During the entrance to the hotel, the outer surfaces of the luggage of the guests are disinfected with the internationally accepted Diversey Oxivir Plus product. During check-in to the hotel, it is sufficient to do an online check-in on the property's website to speed up the registration process. Travel document must be uploaded during online check-in. Temperature measurements are made with fixed thermal cameras at the reception. If there is a negative situation, this information will be shared with the guest. Luggage is brought to the guest's room by the receptionists without touching other guests' luggage and left in front of the door. If it is wanted to be left in the room, it can be left in the room with shoe covers. Room cards are handed over to the guest after being disinfected. During the entrance, directions and U-shaped strips are used to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters. In front of the reception, waiting areas are ready in order not to tire the guests. Necessary hygiene conditions are applied to private vehicles during parking and they are parked. It is ensured that the elevators are disinfected with automatic devices by constantly giving fresh air to them. It is recommended to pay attention to social distance in the elevator and elevator waiting areas. A new normal plan has been made so that maximum 50% of the room capacities are occupied. Each hotel has an area of ​​approximately 100,000 m². In this way, you can enjoy your holiday by keeping social distance comfortably. The rooms are planned to be full and empty as much as possible. It offers the autonomy that both sides of the room will be empty. There are hand sanitizers at the elevator entrances. Pay attention to the directions for the use of the elevator. Measures Taken for Rooms Guests are kindly requested to share their room requests with the property prior to their stay. While preparing the rooms you will stay in; It is kept empty for 24 hours after cleaning and disinfection processes. Diversey brand products are used in room cleaning and disinfection processes. Rooms; It is prepared by teams wearing personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, caps, and disposable overalls. These equipments are renewed after each room cleaning. Paper towels are used for cleaning. The mop / mop tips used in floor cleaning are changed after each room cleaning. After the towels are washed at 90 degrees, they are bagged in the factory and served to the rooms. Closets and TV controls are closed with packaging after cleaning. After the cleaning process is completed, the rooms are disinfected with UV-C and ULV devices. After all cleaning processes, a disinfected label is attached to the door, ensuring that no one enters before you. Services such as general cleaning, towel change, minibar filling are left to your preference. You can request these services via the mobile application or by filling out the form in your room. Products such as room directory, runner, and throw pillows in the room have been removed. Disposable cardboard cups are used instead of porcelain and glass cups. The products in the minibars are disinfected with ULV devices during entry and exit to the warehouses and placed in the minibars untouched. Measures Taken in Common Areas You can enjoy swimming and the sun by taking your beach/pool towels in bags from the stands in the public areas. Common areas are cleaned more often. All faucets are photocell. The seating arrangement in all bars and restaurants is designed to maintain social distance. Sun loungers at the pool and on the beach are arranged in groups of two and three, in accordance with physical distance. It is recommended not to change the location of the sun loungers. If you would like to receive service at the same desk during your stay, you can indicate to the facility. Your table can be reserved for you. In restaurants and bars, service is provided by using masks and gloves. With the new arrangement, the choices of the guests are brought to the table by order. The buffet attendant will also assist you if you wish. In restaurants, drinks are served to the table. Traditional cooking techniques continue to serve delicious meals. Tables and chairs are disinfected after each use. Forks, knives and spoons are served in special covers, salt shakers and pepper shakers are disposable. Ketchup, mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon juice and similar sauces are served in disposable packages or on the table. Products that will strengthen the immune system are given priority in food and beverage presentations. Guests with a special diet are kindly requested to inform the property. In all the bars outside, your orders are brought to the table. Drinks are served in cardboard cups, bottles or boxes. If you would like to be served in a glass glass, please specify. Cookies served in bars are served in closed packages. At IC Hotels Airport, you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at our restaurant or request service to your room. All indoor and outdoor pools are open to service. It is recommended to take a shower and use the foot disinfectant pool before use. Food production is followed by TSE, ISO and HACCP criteria. All fruits and vegetables are disinfected by ozonation and taken to the kitchen. The origin of all purchased products is determined. Dishwashing is done without human touch. All clean materials are kept in closed cabinets before being put into service. Inspections are carried out daily with the quality control units and food engineers in the facility; carried out monthly through state and private audit firms. In the pools, the upper limits of the chlorine rate obligation imposed by the regulation are acted upon. Children's pools are emptied and refilled twice a week. If there is a problem regarding the hygiene conditions, the pools are closed until hygiene is established. During pool use, it is recommended that babies be dressed in impermeable swimsuits, and that you and your children use bonnets, earplugs, and sea goggles. Please remind your children frequently not to swallow the pool water. Water parks are open to service in accordance with maximum capacity and physical distance rules. Organic fertilizers are used in the maintenance of trees, landscapes and grass areas. You can have a pleasant time with your children in the grass areas. In order to maintain healthy hygienic conditions, it is recommended not to consume food by the pool and sea. It is very important for your health not to be exposed to the sun as much as possible between the hours of 11.00 and 16.00 when the sun's rays are steep. It is recommended that you do not share towels with your family or children. Consuming acidic, alcoholic, sugary and fried products in a balanced way; It helps you enjoy your holiday. Remember to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables. Necessary hygiene conditions are provided in shopping areas. In case of malfunction in your room, technical service personnel; intervenes in the malfunction by wearing masks, gloves, shoe covers and visors. It is requested that you do not stay in the room until the fault is fixed, and ventilate the room beforehand. At the end of the work, your room is disinfected. Each hotel has an area of ​​approximately 100,000 m² and 80% is green space. Garden irrigation is done at night in order not to disturb the guests. Irrigation water is taken from the mains line and the irrigation heads are disinfected every week. Recreational activities are offered in a way that maintains physical distance. The seating arrangement in the show areas has been redefined. To avoid the density in the evening hours; The show, live music and children's activities are started at the same time in different areas. Social distancing continues to be maintained in wellness, health, sports and entertainment activities during the day. Equipment is disinfected before each use. For all activities, we meet outdoors as much as possible. The nursery is temporarily closed. Cooking-themed activities were also suspended for a while. Health Measures Taken for Employees Single and diagonal seating arrangements were introduced in the service vehicles, keeping the physical distance. Service vehicles are disinfected with ULV devices before and after each use. Masks are worn in the service vehicles and their hands are disinfected. Masks and pocket-type hand disinfectants are available for employees to use inside the hotel. Temperature measurements are made with thermal cameras at the entrance and exit of the hotel. They received training on health and hygiene related to the pandemic process, and certification processes were completed. The personnel are also supported with trainings on service-related issues. The training department continues to update the personnel by constantly renewing the contents. Sensitivity in the food, beverage service and cleaning services provided to the guests; It is also applied in all common areas of the team. A digital infrastructure was created by minimizing the distribution of documents within the hotel. All conditions required by personal hygiene are fulfilled. Health checks and tests were performed on the entire team before work.
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