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Granada Luxury Belek

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Belek , Antalya , Turkey

About this hotel

General Promotion

Granada Luxury Hotel Belek welcomes those who want to have a luxurious and fun-filled holiday in the unique sea and spacious atmosphere of the Mediterranean with great hospitality.

The property, which is the address of a comfortable holiday with its stylish and comfortable rooms, provides service at a short distance from the sea. The facility, which offers shuttle service to the beach, has its own sandy beach. With its clear sea and giant aquapark, the facility offers summer fun to its guests of all ages.

The facility stands out with its rich cuisine that offers unique tastes of Turkish and world cuisines, and snack areas that offer delicious snacks as well as refreshing drinks throughout the day.

Granada Luxury Hotel Belek promises its guests an unforgettable holiday experience with facilities such as Turkish bath, indoor pool, sauna, steam room and massage offered in the SPA center with expert staff.

Eating and Drinking

Free buffet meals in the morning, lunch and evening (There are diet and vegetarian buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Within the brands determined by the facility, some local and foreign alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are free of charge for 24 hours in 1 bar determined by the facility. Champagne, bottled wines, all bottled drinks, some imported drinks and freshly squeezed fruit juices except breakfast service are chargeable. A la carte restaurants with reservation one day in advance and chargeable.

Lobby Bar 09.00-00.00, Black Sport’s Bar 10.00-18.00, Perla VIP Lounge Bar 16.00-07.00 and Terrace Bar 10.00-23.30, Vena Vitamin Bar, Indoor Pool Bar, Pool Bar, Turquoise Bar, Beach Bar 10.00-18.00, Dionysos Wine Corner 18.30-21.00, Long Bar 10.00-18.00 and Oriental tea-coffee corner 16.00-07.00.

Fuego Steak House(Paid)
The Azul Felicia Mediterranean Restaurant (Paid)
Carat VIP A la Carte International (Paid)
Turquoise A la Carte Restaurant (Paid)

Service Hours

07.00-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-11.00 Late Breakfast
11.00-22.00 Patisserie
12.30-16.00 Snack Menu (Food Park)
12.30-14.30 Lunch
12.30-16.00 Donut House
12.30-16.00 Aqua Snack
12.30-18.00 Ice Cream
12.30-18.00 Waffles
12.30-18.00 Pancakes (Beach Snack)
18.30-21.00 Dinner
19.00-22.00 A la Carte Restaurants
20.45-00.00 Tomorrow’s Land Bar
00.00-03.00 Night Buffet


The facility in the center of Belek is 33 km from Antalya Airport and 42 km from Antalya city center.

Other Facilities

Free Services Offered at the Facility:

Food and beverage offerings to guests at check-in
Tea and coffee set for all rooms
Fruits in the room of the guests with their wedding anniversary
Free pram service for guests with children
Slippers set for all rooms
Bathrobe set for VIP and private room types

Our “Family Plus” Concept, which will be implemented for our guests who will stay in our “Family Lake Houses and Family Deluxe” room type in the 2022 Summer Season,
Holiday Assistant*
In-Room Fruit Milk, Jar of Food, Candy Refreshment
Bottle warmer, Sterilizer, Baby Phone (On Request)
Beach Towel, Kids Bathrobe, Kids Teeth Set in the Room
Colorful Kids Bandana, Inflatable Sea/Pool Ring
2 Game Free Card valid at Game Center / Amusement Park
Early Check-in / Late Check-out Subject to Availability
(Applied in Maldivian Houses, Wonderland Pool Deluxe Room, Princess Suite, King Suite, King Luxury, Senior Suite Room Types) Our “Luxury Plus” Concept;
Holiday Assistant*
On the day of arrival, a rich fruit plate is served to the room.
Chocolate Plate in the room on the day of arrival,
Rich Turkish Dessert Plate to the room on the check-in day
Luxury Cookies (Boxed) in the Room
Wine in the room on Check-in Day
Champagne Service in the Room on Check-in Day
Dressing gown
Sending Cards to the Room
For stays of 4 nights or more, 1 Free A’la Carte Reservation during the stay
1 Free Relax Pavillon Reservation for 7 Nights or More
Early Check-in / Late Check-out Subject to Availability
* In the Holiday Assistant application; The guest is given the “Holiday Assistant” phone number that he can reach regarding his requests during his stay.
Family Plus Concept is applied to families with children staying in Family Lake Houses room type.
Family Plus Concept does not apply to families without children staying in Family Lake Houses, holiday assistant provides service.
The hotel management reserves the right to change the duration and content of the applied concepts.
*Honeymoon Concept is applied for the guests who make a “Honeymoon Reservation” in Maldivian Houses, Wonderland Pool Deluxe Room, Princess Suite, King Suite, King Luxury, Senior Suite Room Types.


Breakfast service to the room once during the stay
Chocolate plate to the room on the day of arrival,
On the arrival day, a rich Turkish dessert plate is served to the room.
Champagne in the room on check-in day
Specially designed champagne glasses (Mr & Mrs.)
room decoration
Stick Mustache/Lip Wards
Special design bathrobe (Mr. & Mrs.)
Sending cards to the room
10% special discount on spa & pavillon reservations

Size Information

The facility, built on an area of 100,000 m², has 872 rooms.


Hotel Facilities

Air Conditioning
Airport Transport
Fitness Center
Flat Tv
Internet – Wifi
Smoking Room
Spa & Sauna
Washer & Dryer

Hotel Consept



Check In 02:00 pm
Check Out 12:00 pm
Hotel Policies

General Warnings

Wonderland Rooms are located outside the main building and are close to the activity areas. The entrance to Granada Luxury Belek rooms starts at 14.00. Check-out time from the rooms is 12:00 at the latest. Pets are not accepted at the property. The use of indoor and outdoor areas serving at the facility depends on seasonal conditions. 2+2 or 3+1 stays in rooms other than family rooms or some private rooms may create congestion in the room and the extra beds provided may not be as comfortable as a fixed bed. Ultra All Inclusive accommodation at the property starts with lunch on the day of arrival, includes dinner for the number of nights stayed, and ends with breakfast on the day of departure. If the room to be accommodated is a special type of room such as a family room or a suite room, if any of the guests leaving the hotel early, the fee will not be refunded. The location, maps and distance of the hotel to public areas are to provide as much information as possible. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of this information. It is the passenger's own responsibility to contact the hotel directly to obtain the most up-to-date full location information and directions. The person making the reservation is obliged to enter the names of all persons who will be staying at the hotel correctly. It is the person's responsibility to ensure that the correct e-mail address and mobile phone number for transfers are entered when making your reservation. The services offered by the facilities within the concept and the use of some service areas may be limited or closed during the stay according to the circulars and legal regulations within the scope of Covid-19. Some services may not be available partially or completely. All guests who make a reservation; The facility has to comply with all the measures taken by the relevant institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, local institutions/authorities regarding Covid-19, and provide all the information requested from them within the scope of these measures. Some services to be offered to guests who do not comply with the measures may be terminated. The facility or Turlider is not responsible for negative situations that may occur if the guests do not comply with the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19. Within the scope of the Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant public institutions in order to protect the health of the guests; The facility may not accept customers who are diagnosed - contacted or who do not provide the requested information, take them to the isolation room, ask them to leave the facility or take other actions deemed necessary within the scope of the regulations of the relevant public institutions.

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19

Measures Taken Within the Scope of Covid-19 Measures Taken Regarding Employees · 24-hour authorized health service is provided at the facility. · Action plans regarding possible diseases and case situations have been created at the facility. · Health screening is done at the entrance to work, and commitments are taken from the employees to report possible diseases to the hotel management. Service vehicles that employees use on a daily basis are frequently ventilated and disinfected with alcohol and chlorine-based disinfectants. Transfers are carried out with the use of masks, taking all personal precautions. · Employees received training on the pandemic and its precautions from authorized physicians in the contracted health institution of the facility, and the trainings continue regularly. · All employees provide service in line with the training received, and apply epidemic prevention rules (social distance, disinfection, hand and personal hygiene rules, etc.). · Employees use masks during work and gloves when necessary (food production, etc.). There are pandemic and hygiene rules information posters in the guest and employee areas. · Employees change their uniforms daily and uniforms are disinfected by washing at 60˚C. Precautions Taken in Entry and Exit Processes; · Precautions are taken to protect all our guests. · Contact was minimized by creating a corridor for the guest entrance, and social distance rule definitions were created. During the login process, pandemic rules and operation information are provided. · In order to remind and inform the responsibilities related to communicable diseases, a letter of undertaking is signed by the guests. · Pens and all room key cards used during check-in and check-out are sterilized and removed after use. After the sterilization period is completed, it is used again. Optional online check-in option is available. · Guest requests and requests can be communicated without contact via the facility's mobile application and call center (7777). Measures Taken Regarding Accommodation; · Housekeepers use their personal protective equipment during room cleaning. It changes its protective equipment and applies hand washing - disinfection rules in every room change. · Room cleaning is done with licensed chemical products; frequently touched points (door handle, telephone, remote, mini bar, etc.) are disinfected with these products. · Textile products are changed daily. The exchange processes are carried out in the form of folding and bundling without allowing the formation of dust and particles. Dirty textile products are disinfected by washing them at 60 ˚C. After the cleaning is completed, the room is ventilated for 1 hour and disinfected with an ozone generator/fuming system for 10 minutes. · The amenities are disinfected before being placed in the rooms. Hand sanitizer is available in every room. Room air conditioners are disinfected after check-out. Precautions Taken in Restaurants and Bars During the acceptance of goods, all outer packaging is peeled off and the inner packaging is disinfected with appropriate methods (steam, pulverized disinfectant). · A restaurant-specific Sanitation Team has been established, which is responsible for providing detailed sanitation during the cleaning break hours. All surfaces in the restaurant areas (with surface disinfectants), ambient air (with pulverized disinfectants, UV light, ozone devices), equipment (with surface disinfectants) are disinfected. The table ranges of the indoor areas where food and beverage are served have been adjusted in accordance with the social distance rules. Table and chair armrests are wiped with disinfectant by the service personnel before the guest use. · Menage (salt and pepper shakers) materials are disinfected after each use. · Common use materials such as glasses and plates are washed in steam machines with water and detergent after each use. · Buffets and bars have social distance definitions. · Maximum number of guests is determined for all outlets according to hotel occupancy rates. Thus, table spacing, production and service speed/attention are taken under control. · Service equipment (fork, knife, spoon, etc.) is disinfected daily by dipping in chlorinated water. · Room service and a la carte menus are uploaded to Info TV and mobile application, and guests are informed digitally. · For guests (elderly, disabled, sick and children) who want to eat in their room, food is served from the main buffet to the guest room upon request. Measures Taken in Pool, Beach and Entertainment Areas; The sun loungers at the pool and beach are arranged in accordance with the social distance rule. The sunbed capacity of the facility is sufficient for all guests. Pools are disinfected in a way that meets legal requirements regarding hygiene. Backwashing of all pools is done daily, chlorine shocking is done weekly. Chlorine level is kept between 1 - 1.5 ppm in open pools. Traceability records of periodic measurements are kept. · Pool and beach usage areas (chaise lounges, changing cabins, floors, etc.) are regularly cleaned, disinfected and recorded. Indoor pool ventilation system works regularly and is cleaned. Small reminders are given to guests to maintain social distance with guiding signs. Shared use activity equipment is disinfected after each activity. (Common area materials such as backgammon, boccia balls, game balls, tennis, table tennis, yoga, pilates and fitness equipment, mini club toys, mini club slides, swings, etc.) Precautions Taken in SPA and Gym; Disposable care products are used in Turkish bath, sauna and massage areas. Massage rooms are disinfected with appropriate equipment after each guest use. Implementing personnel have been trained in personal hygiene rules and apply hand washing - disinfection rules. · The usage capacities of sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms have been determined. · Disinfection processes of sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms are carried out at regular intervals; ventilated at the end of the day. All fitness equipment are disinfected with disposable equipment by the staff before and after use. The sports area is disinfected with an ozone device and is ventilated daily. Disinfection Precautions in Mini Club; · Materials such as notebooks and papers to be distributed to children in the mini club are disposable. Equipment such as watercolor and drawing pencils are disinfected before and after each use. Areas such as children's pool, children's slide, children's umbrella are frequently disinfected with chlorine solution prepared by diluting with water. · Disposable cups are used when giving drinks to children. The floor covering and hand contact surfaces in the mini club are made of easy-to-clean, dirt-repellent materials. There are hygienic mats at the mini club entrances. · There are hand sanitizers at the entrance of the mini club and in the playgrounds. · After measuring the temperature of the children, mini club registration is made. Mini club children's toilets are disinfected with appropriate disinfectants after each use. · All common areas and toys are frequently disinfected with an ozone generator̈ and suitable disinfectants. Contamination Prevention and Waste Disposal · In accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization dated 7 April 2020 and numbered 84334, additions were made to the existing practices in the facility on waste management. There are gray colored or gray labeled waste bins for the disposal of disposable protective equipment and clothing wastes. These wastes are shipped with the Domestic Waste group after they are kept in containers for 72 hours.
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